Aug 20, 2007

peyups foodies

of course there are trademark food items you can get from up. surprisingly, the level of street food vending is a notch higher after four years.

they used to sell fish balls, kwek-kwek, chicken balls, kikiam, squid balls in those slim carton containers but now they are using huge carton containers already. fish balls can now be bought in bulk at 10, 15 and 20 pesos. not sure if all stalls are doing this or only this particular seller. got some gulaman first at the coop stall which is still 5 pesos. susme ano nang ginagamit dito bakit mura pa ren. then we headed to the other side of shopping center to get some fish balls and cheese sticks.

our cheeseticks with chipangga mayo hehe...bawal magreklamo

as usual, our sc visit will not be complete until g-sel gets some fic. yupyup, alicia's sells the cheapest fic in the whole metro. it used to be 15 bucks but now the price increased to 18. still a good buy compared to your 35PHP mall price. she got pistachio this time. favorite flavors are green tea, raspberry with chocolate, dulce de leche and strawberry.

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  1. u8mypinkcookies4:32 PM

    i <3 fish/squid balls, dirty ice cream and banana/ camote-Q! :D