Aug 4, 2007

chelsea market and cafe @ serendra

disclaimer: again, bad pictures was too lazy to bring my cam...should have borrowed one from jaebs who i bumped into. surprisingly i always see them together hehe.

i guess my quest to visit all my serendra to go to establishments has really started. today i was off to chelsea.

met with m at galleria and then we headed to the fort. drama pa sa text on going there as if i will let her go all the way from uber north down to semi-south hehe. anyway, i was so excited because i have expected too much. let's say the visit was so so. i guess we didn't order the right stuff. on the menu it says something like freshly made pasta...but it was not...should be best described as pasta for the day! anyway, what i didn't like about this dish was that the tomato was too sour. it totally defeated the cream and pesto which were on the dish as well.

seafood linguini

another bad choice was the irish coffee, m and i were thinking the same thing that's why we had the same order. we expected the coffee to be creamy but it was not. also, we thought it was cold since it was categorized as cold seems that it works like sb wherein you can get it hot or cold. the liquer was too strong. hay naku we had to finish it up because it was damn too expensive to simply not drink it. anyway, expected too much since they were using italian coffee this did not meet expectations sad to say.

the saving grace of this entire meal, the pizza. i love the texture...crisp and thin, the way i like it. again, using the same tomatoes which is too sour but the artichokes, cheese and mushrooms made the dish worth it.

this is definitely far from my zao meal which i completely raved about, considering they cost almost the same. but anyway, maybe i'll try something else next time. also, where's the free bread? or is it just during dinner time? the meal arrived quite late as well but the nice thing was they informed us on the delay. i had celeb sightings too this afternoon hehe.

chelsea chelsea - by anton

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