Sep 16, 2007

my shabu fix

shabu shabu has been here for quite sometime now. the only place i know where i could get it is tong yang. only tried it once and never got addicted. my bro's (he's not my real brother) mother's shabu is the best. homecooked shabu shabu which has already been seasoned.

then one time, m mentioned that she came to eat at healthy shabu shabu and was surprised to find out how affordable it was. you can get an individual set for 200++ and it could feed two people already. when i got a spa treatment and was so cold i thought of what better meal to get than a piping hot shabu shabu. we ordered a pork tenderloin individual set which comes with a platter of veggies, noodles, squid and chicken balls, 1 fresh egg, tofu, and fish cakes and a plate of thinly sliced pork. but i thought that was boring so we ordered a small platter of mixed tempura. we didn't order drinks because i had my sparkling water with me which is great btw and g simply wanted water. the damage was just 530 PHP. imagine that! and we were both satisfied.

our half empty shabu shabu pot. was too excited that i forgot to take pictures of the ingredients we got.

the mixed platter was primarily seafood, only 3 of pieces of veggies i think. it's heavily breaded but i don't mind because i love breading and the meat inside is still substantive.

i have yet to try gloria maris and zhu for their shabu shabu offerings. till then i would have to simply be happy with my healthy shabu shabu fix.

healthy shabu-shabu
the block
the podium

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