May 7, 2008

spanish style at gaudi

the greenbelt restos came up with their tasting room menus, which is more popularly known as degustation. so here's the first installment of my tasting menu adventure, started off with gaudi.

we had some pintxos variados first. basically, they are just canapes. we had three samplings. the tarifa, a chicken based spread, different from your usual chicken sandwich filling topped with a slice of hard cheese which i cannot figure out what. the chatka is supposed to be crabmeat but it was just shredded kani sticks that you can get at other sandwich places. the viruta is serrano ham, how do you say' malansa' to describe cured meats? that's how it tasted like, it was dismal.

ok let's move on to the main courses. the bacalao ajoarriero is basically shredded bacalao, i could associate the dish with callos. it tasted like callos but only with bacalao and there's no evident tomato flavor.

the paella de cocido had soft arborio rice loads of garbanzos which were clearly extenders topped with a couple of slices of chorizo...totally forgettable.

the pollo al ajillo which is garlic chicken is not far from your garlicky adobo at home sans the soy and vinegar flavor. the chicken was not tender and juicy, am thinking it was not recently cooked.

the presentation itself lack the appeal of an appetizing meal then top that with totally forgettable dishes. i doubt that their tasting menu is gonna be a hit. i was totally disappointed with this place considering i've heard some great comments about it. as my friend said, you will not forget about it because it was totally forgettable.

tasting menu (may 1-30) : 630 PHP

greenbelt 3, cinema level

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