May 21, 2008

quick stop at five cows

when i first learned about five cows i got pretty excited. then later on, i have read so many not so great reviews that my interest slowly dissipated. however, i was about to catch a film with some friends and we were on a tight schedule so i suggested five cows for a quick fix.

we got creamy beef and mushroom pasta with penne. i actually liked this dish. it was a creamy pasta with thin beef slices, similar to the ones used for sukiyaki. so the beef was tender and with some strips of fat, it was definitely yummy. well seasoned not bland and not salty either and the pasta was al dente.

another pasta dish is the gamberetti. shrimps cooked in olive oil and white wine??? not sure on that but they gave it a twist by adding sundried tomatoes. i love sundried tomatoes but the ones in the pasta are just too big. they should have chopped them more finely. there was something a miss with this dish...more olive oil and garlic perhaps? anyway, it was so so.

been looking over other tables and i just fancied the unusually shaped rectangular pizza. we got the margherita pizza. it wasn't flavorful, no hint of herbs whatsoever. but i like the crunchy crust (definitely premade) and the fact that they used loads of mozzarella cheese.

if you're tired from malling or in a rush to get a decent meal before your movie starts then five cows is an option. i haven't tried the desserts which they probably do better so i have yet to come back.

five cows
trinoma, cinema level


  1. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I wish you tried out the desserts. I think their food is okay but lacking that extra thing and falls short of being called good food. Sayang.

  2. we were all sick and didn't have time to get any dessert.

    i just realized that it also becomes relative. if you have been dining at fine restos then decent food becomes normal and normal food could become dismal. gets?

    as i've mentioned in one of my posts...raving about food has become scarce because your palate tends to look for more interesting and satiating flavors.

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    so for you, is this decent food that became normal or normal food that became dismal? heheheh

  4. i actually don't know. been thinking about it because i was really expecting bad food so when i found it not bad i dunno if it was because i had such low expectations before hand or i really find it normal at the very least.