May 16, 2008

gaster deli @ 6750

this is a long overdue post. had lunch with other foodies. we tried out gaster deli at 6750. we were looking forward to trying out some of the food items featured in other blogs. unfortunately, they changed the menu and everything we wanted to try were all out.

jv and i decided to split everything since we just didn't find food that is extremely interesting. we had some pumpkin soup. no amount of pepper and salt could remedy this soup. all i could taste was cinnamon.

we also had the gaster burger. wagyu beef patties with foie gras. the beef didn't taste/look anything wagyu at all. i found a string in my patty too. jv said the foie gras didn't taste like foie gras and i didn't know what she meant then i eventually knew what she meant. foie gras should be fatty or atleast glistening when you eat it but this one isn't, it was too livery in taste and texture. and the aioli, it was just was already translucent with no distinct flavor at all, they could just have given us bottled mayo. the sad thing is, the burger costs around 600PHP.

hiro had kurobuta pork belly, they claim that it's from snake river farms. kurobuta is the wagyu of pork. it was a huge chunk of pork belly that is so tender. the flavor actually reminds me of humba, sweet and salty. it came with mashed potato and crispy greens which i'm not sure what it's made of =).

i wasn't really satisfied with our meal so i guess that's enough clue. the pork belly is delish but i think it's overly priced. as i've said they've changed the menu so all the ones available online are not accurate anymore unless they have been updated.

gaster deli
6750 ayala ave

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