May 8, 2008

jap fix at haiku

haven't really heard much about haiku so i was looking forward to trying their tasting menu. i like the interiors of the place, it was very relaxing. the wait staff are attentive and renders good customer service.

the tasting menu was served on a clear glass plate. very clean and sleek. you simply can't wait to try out the dishes.

top (l-r): spicy tuna, haiku salad
bottom (l-r): haiku sashimi, gyudon roll

spicy tuna - japanese mayo tastes really good, mixing it up with fresh tuna is even better. simply melts in your mouth, no fishy taste, this is a fave.

haiku salad - perfect contrast of some crispy garnish (which i don't know of which it was made of) and greens. the dressing is a light asian dressing that is refreshing. the only drawback is the canned tuna, i think leaving it out would make the dish perfect, the shredded kani would suffice.

haiku style sashimi - another fave. the tuna simply melts in your mouth. served with a sesame oil based dressing that is light and flavorful.

gyudon roll - thin beef slices wrapped in a rice roll then fried with a tempura batter and topped with creamy jap mayo. who could go wrong with that? i was probably hallucinating when i initially thought it was unagi. i probably ought to check if they serve a similar roll but with unagi instead.

ika tempura (not part of the tasting menu) - love the ika tempura, the squid was cut like tentacles and garnished with some nori. it has a perfect thin crisp batter, however the squid was a but chewy good thing still has not become rubbery.

we also got complimentary langka ice cream which was flavorful, a nice way to end our meal.

i just realized that i have not raved about a meal in ages and this one definitely breaks the streak. this is a new fave love love the food.

tasting menu (may 1-30) : 495PHP
greenbelt 3, second level


  1. Anonymous11:05 PM

    how much?

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Wwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhh...... I'm so jealous!!!! hiccup hiccup!!! =D

    Read two good reviews about Haiku in a week. I had ignored this little place all this while. Must give it a try then!

  3. so are you coming back home then? huwag muna!!! hehe kidding basta there should be pasalubong if you decide to come back.