May 15, 2008

lotsa fooda at bubba???

here's the last installment of my greenbelt tasting menus adventure. nothing unique about bubba gump but my friend was overly fixated to this place. the tasting menu was simple.

you can choose between the soup of the day or bbq chicken salad. we opted for the latter. it was an ample serving. the dressing suits well with the chicken bbq strips, the crunchy tortilla strips also gave texture. but again, another overly dressed salad.

the dixie style baby back ribs is tender and meaty. the bqq sauce is your usual american style sauce that is thick and tangy.

i liked the spiciness of the chipotle shrimp. the creamy sauce was not overpowering but i wish that the shrimps were bigger.

the alabama mud pie is so so. nothing spectacular with this this frozen cake dessert.

in terms of flavors, the dishes were pleasing to the palate. but i just found the entire dining experience so so. i guess it was because the food wasn't nicely presented and because the servings were not that substantive. i understand that the menu only costs 600 PHP which is relatively cheap but i'd think that people would be willing to shell out more just to get bigger servings.

i actually felt like the food was being served from a cafeteria of some sort. the salad seemed like it was just put over a plate and topped with some crunchy tortilla strips. the chipotle shrimp and baby back were served in the same plate, they just look so lonely in a huge white plate on top of newspapers. i guess it really boiled down to the sizes. they could have just used a smaller dish served the two dishes together with a surf and turf kind of thing going on. the uber small mud pie obviously looked like a small piece of of cake taken from one slice. it could just be the presentation of the food that needs improvement or increased serving sizes with the menu price being adjusted as well.

NOTE: items might look big but they're not actually :)

bubba gump
2nd level greenbelt 3

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