May 12, 2008

dining at nuvo

here's another tasting menu, this time it's from nuvo. we got some free bread first. i like dinner rolls and theirs was perfect - soft and warm, a great way to start a meal. we then had a shrimp cocktail. it was aptly presented in a martini glass. shredded greens topped with some shrimps and chopped mango. the dressing was not extraordinary, it tasted like mayo and ketchup combined. but still good plus they didn't scrimp on the shrimps.

the soup was chicken consomme, well i think that's what it was. clear soup with some chicken dumplings which look like deformed chicken balls and shredded snow peas. the broth lacked flavor, the chicken essence was not evident. similarly, the chicken dumplings didn't really taste like chicken if they were indeed made of chicken. the shredded snow peas added texture but the long strips were a little bit off. a more flavorful broth would have made it remarkable and some fresh herbs would actually do the trick.

for the entree, you get to choose between wrapped grouper or steak foie gras (australian veal) and we chose the latter. cooked as preferred which was medium well, the foie gras and veal were a perfect pair served on a bed of crisp green veggies. i like this dish.

for a sweet ending you can opt for a raisin parfait or if you want something savory you can try some french cheese. i don't like raisins and i was apprehensive about this dessert but it definitely lingered in my palate. the parfait was creamy, smooth and very dense. this is my favorite among the food items served in the menu. definitely made a lasting impression. also, there's complimentary coffee or tea of your choice to cap your meal.

this was a pleasurable dining experience. a definite miss on the soup but everything else was ok. the parfait is on top of my list followed by the steak foie gras. the place has a great ambiance - a perfect setting for a quiet dinner indoors or a dinner celebration al fresco. and of course, good service which is expected from a fine resto such as nuvo.

note: pictures depict half a serving since we had it split but you only get one parfait

tasting menu (may 1-30): 1230 PHP


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  1. I've heard that their food is great but the service is negative

  2. service is not great but it's not bad either. in retrospect, mezze gave a better service :).