May 13, 2008

lunch @ brenner

finally, something casual. we knew that the menu at max brenner was quite heavy so we opted to get it for lunch. we initially had caesar twist, which is basically caesar salad with a twist. you get your usual romaine lettuce tossed with a caesar dressing, croutons, cheese and loads of bacon bits plus slivers of white chocolate. the only thing i noticed is that it was heavily dressed so you can probably opt to have the dressing on the side or request them to use less.

we then had chicken nibblers, which is basically chicken strips. lightly breaded with japanese bread crumbs with tender and juicy chicken strips inside. the plate was dusted with choco powder and served with a dip on the side. i actually think they could do better with the dip, a lot more chocolate and chilli powder would probably make it more interesting.

but the meal is not yet over, we were then served with bbq honey glazed baby back. the sauce was not heavy, it has a sweet and sour bite. the ribs were meaty but could go a bit more tender. the fries were perfectly cooked, thick home cut fries that were crispy and dusted with some parmesan cheese.

for dessert, we had banana trifle. fudge brownies, pound cake, bananas, custard with strawberry sauce and slivers of white and milk chocolate. it was so tempting that you simply cannot skip it, having the pound cake less crumbly would be perfect since it wasn't that great in the palate.

i think that max brenner's tasting menu is a winner in terms of the amount of food. the entire menu could probably feed 3-4 people, and based on what the wait staff said, you can get up to 4 trifle for dessert. probably not a date place but a very good meal to have with a group of friends, very filling and satiating as well.

NOTE: accdg to a friend the tasting menu is not available unless you have a coupon from the launch not sure if the tasting menu was just complimentary or this involves the coupon that you can find in appetite magazine.

tasting menu (may1-30): 1200PHP

max brenner

greenbelt 3, first level


  1. there's lunch in brenner?!? i've got to try this... food looks good shella! :)

  2. yup there is...i just hope that they make the tasting menu available for everyone.

    thanks for visiting!