Apr 7, 2008

seafood at the bay

the dampa culture has sprung all over the metro especially in the bayside of metro manila. you have the original dampa in baclaran, there's another one in paranaque, the third is along macapagal and the most recent one is at baystrip in sm mall of asia.

last friday night, we wanted to eat out and simply thought of the baystrip. the famous restos i know are trinity and aling tonya. in the macapagal area, we usually opt for trinity until recently when i tried out another resto as recommended by a colleague. it turned out not bad.

so this time i only saw aling tonya and opted for it. verdict? hmmmm. among the dampa restos i have tried i know i can cook the dishes much better (humility aside) but that accounts for the quality of ingredients being used because these types of restos simply use cheap ingredients. but this one in particular is surprisingly bordering inedible tasting (if there's such a term). so here's a rundown of what we got.

buttered garlic shrimps - it's okay. the normal way on how restos cook it. very few garlic and some uber tasty margarine. saturated fats galore!

sizzling tanique steak - i asked how they cook the fish and they said it has a sauce. not! there was just veggies and lots of oil in it. where's the sauce?

chilli crabs - where's that bottle of ufc catsup? all gone. this is how the crabs tasted like. some veggies and spices but with loads of ufc catsup. thank goodness the crabs were meaty and

was i pleased? i think not. but because we were all famished we didn't really have enough time to savor the food and complain about it. i think that the best place to eat dampa style would be at the macapagal area (if you are choosing between the two which are close to each other). the seafood prices in macapagal are way cheaper and you can get more value for your money.

dampa restos
macapagal blvd.
baystrip in moa


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    their tempura are quite good...

  2. the one i tried in macapagal made some good tempura.