Apr 20, 2008

japonica just across the street

thanks to midge i finally found an excuse to try japonica. the foodie r agreed to try the place since it's nearby and we could evade the scorching sun. like what midge has mentioned, japonica has alot of lunch bentos to choose from.

when we got there, there were a lot of japanese men dining, which is supposed to be a sign for good japanese food. we were given the menu and i was confused with the various offerings they have. the price range is pretty ok with 235PHP at the minimum for a bento meal.

i got the ladies' bento. supposed to be the smallest meal among the choices hehe. here's what i got.

usual free miso soup (it's ok, kikufuji is way much better)

ebi furai, chicken balls, tamago and some cold noodle salad of some sort

the ebi was small and a bit dry, seems to be overcooked. the chicken balls were bland. the tamago was dense and not soft to the palate and didn't have that sweet taste. the cold spaghetti noodles was just off.

you also get a full serving of california maki. what bothered me was the ebikko. i wasn't able to see the round eggs just like in teriyaki boy's. they seem to have created a paste out of the ebikko so that they'll have to use less. in addition to these, the ladies' bento comes with a couple of watermelon slices which i forgot to take a picture of.

r's tempura udon (her bento came with the maki and some stir friend salmon belly)

the iced teas are blended with ice so you get a refreshing slush for just 65PHP.

it was a filling meal but i cannot say it was satisfying. the food didn't tingle my taste buds, i am not sure if the ala carte or the other lunch meals are much better. it would probably take a long time before i could come back to give it another chance.

if you guys want a cheap but really great bento meal, i suggest okuya at glorietta's food choices. they have 2 bento boxes, my favorite box costs 150PHP (last time i ate there) free miso, rice, sukiyaki, mixed tempura and tuna sashimi and they all come in substantive amounts with great taste and texture.

2nd flr liberty bldg.
valero cor. hv dela costa


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