Apr 7, 2008

chocolatey chocolat

i’m not a chocolover but there are rare occasions when i do enjoy a shot of anything chocolatey. i’ve read about chocolat in lori's blog. there are two chocolate cakes that i enjoy, one is shoppersville chocolate cake with a yema filling in the middle and polly's cake available in select stores. i wanted to try something else and when i finally got the craving i tried chocolat's caramel cake.

the cake is moist and dense. two of the things i look for in a perfect cake. but the cake is a bit sweet. i love sweet stuff which means it's really sweet. but overall, it's a good cake especially if you drink hot coffee or tea with it. if you don't like sweet stuff that much then you can opt for their plain chocolate cake or other variants aside from caramel which obviously is sweet.

p.s. do not confuse this with xocolat which is more ubiquitous in the metro.

sm the block
sm moa
xavierville avenue

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  1. u8mypinkcookies4:25 PM

    i love chocolat!!

    chocolate carrot cake & death by tablea.. heaven!! :D