Apr 23, 2008

don henrico's ~ don enrico's

it bothers me when people say don henrico's...it's supposed to be articulated as enrico's. h is silent in spanish =). sorry for the spanish lesson segue.

anyway, it's another pizza and pasta place. don henrico's has been here for years. but they never really expanded to the point that it has become ubiquitous. g is a don hen fanatic and when we found ourselves hungry the other day, i had no choice but eat there.

we got chicken buffalo, which is g's fave. you can get either wings or other chicken pieces and since they were out of wings we settled for some leg pieces.

the sauce is something hard to describe, it has strong flavors of sweet, salty and a hint of tartness to complement each other. the chicken was overly cooked but the ranch dressing was a perfect match to the strong flavored chicken pieces.

we also got pesto spaghetti. the pesto was not that strong but it was flavorful enough and it was not soaking with olive oil which was a good thing. not impressive still. this is the reason why i don't order pesto whenever i dine out. i make a mean pistou (pesto sans pine nuts) at home especially when i find some fresh organic basil at weekend markets and so i tend to get disappointed whenever a resto fails to serve me some great pesto pasta. anyway, that's just me.

don henrico's hasn't really impressed me ever since. the old interiors of the sta. lucia branch will not boost your appetite either...it really was a good thing that we were just hungry that time. just like my previous post, there are other pizza and pasta places all over the metro that could give you more options with better value for your money.

don henricos
sta. lucia brickroad
sm moa
tomas morato


  1. I used to enjoy eating here. My friends and I love their buffalo chicken. When the Glorietta branch closed though, it was just difficult to find another Don Hen Branch. I'll probably try the MOA branch on my next visit there and see if the food still taste as good as I remember them. :)

  2. thanks for visiting. regarding your chilli flakes might wanna check out santi's.

  3. Anonymous3:17 PM

    @Ayen dear I won't even dare to go to Moa branch! Management sucks!!!! Management keep telling their server stupid stuff like one time i ordered a soup and it'd sooooo crappy HOT ---- its impossible to be eaten by a human being. I asked that it be placed in the freezer and when it was served again....NAPAKAINIT PA RIN. ganun s'ya kainit. Well, I just told them to try eating the food para mapaso din sila and they will understand where I am coming from. Kasi daw, sabi ng parang manager....and I quote...."KASI SIR ANG MGA CHINESE GUSTO NILA SOBRANG INIT TALAGA". Sabi ko, ONE, I AM NOT CHINESE. AND TWO, KUNG SINO MAN ANG MGA CHINESE NA 'YUN, HINDI SILA TAO. DARLING, SABAW ANG ORDER KO.....HINDI KUMUKULONG KAWA. How stupid!!!

  4. Anonymous3:23 PM

    I just had the most unforgettable experience in Don hen in moa branch. Gosh i can't imagine how they made me feel like am stupid. I remember the Manager's name. It's Irene. She told me things and insulted me in front of my fiance. i will never ever come back to don hen moa again..