Apr 23, 2008

capricciosa in greenbelt

h was craving for italian and i didn't want to make that galileo trip because of the not so great comment of j on the place. just thought i would probably waste a hefty amount of money.

so we just settled for capricciosa which i've read about in several posts. got the capricciosa pizza which is basically an everything on it pizza. i found it weird when i was asked whether i want the traditional or thin crust. huh? isn't pizza supposed to be thin. my verdict? nothing special. the pizza appears to not come together. then i realized what was wrong. i think that the crust/dough was already precooked. they just put the toppings and bake it again. it doesn't have that chewy feel you get from pizza which is freshly made.

we also got the seafood spaghetti. i like the flavors, the ripe and not sour tomato and the garlic which complement the seafoods. only thing that struck me was the pasta which is bordering sogginess. expected the pasta to be al dente, if it was, the dish would have been perfect.

the prices of capricciosa are pretty steep considering you have better alternatives. there are nearby pizza and pasta places that you might want to consider before trying this place out.

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