Apr 9, 2008

posh chinois cuisine

i was with my dad and we found ourselves in the libis area during lunch time. wanted to try ajisen and it was nowhere to be found (can you guys confirm if they closed already. is it supposed to be beside starbucks?). so had to get into eastwood and dine at shanghai bistro because my dad loves chinese food.

this was my first time and i didn't expect its interiors to be that oppulent. i kept on thinking about shanghai bistro in paseo center and it doesn't look that way as far as i can remember.anyway, we got ourselves seated. there's some free food items on the table peanuts/some carrot and radish achara type dish.

we got the staples. beef and wonton noodles and yang chow.those are are for my dad hehe. and i got some crispy garlic chicken.

the noodles and yang chow were not that unique but you'll notice the quality and amount of ingredients in the dishes. the chicken was no near to being garlicky but i like the anise flavor so i have no complaints. the chicken is well cooked, juicy in the inside and yet has perfect crispy skin.

it was a pleasant dining experience, great ambiance and decent food.if you wanna get the value out of your money then opt for the more ubiquitous chinese restos. but if you want a more upscalechinese dining then you ought to try shanghai bistro.

shanghai bistro
eastwood, libis
paseo center, makati


  1. Anonymous1:39 PM

    sana u tried coral garden .. i think ajisen tranferred to Rob place in ermita

  2. hi sakai, where's coral garden?

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  4. u8mypinkcookies4:45 PM

    i only like their siomai with quail eggs and chilled mango pudding.

  5. i love siomai with quail eggs. ought to come back then.