Apr 8, 2008

choosing chosun

i was out with some friends when we realized it was way beyond lunch time. i had my eyes on chosun which is a korean resto so we opted for it.

i was telling my friends about korea garden in jupiter which i ought to try one of these days. i told them you'll get free appetizers then suddenly the waitress arrived and gave us some. yey! this was the first time i tasted kimchi =). we had some nice tasting rice tea for free too.

top (l-r): it's like soybean strips but had a fishy taste, fish cake perhaps?;kimchi
bottom (l-r): eggs, black mushrooms

rice tea

we got the sang gyup sal. kept on reading/hearing about this dish and didn't have an idea on what it was. it's korean bbq...thin pork slices similar to bacon but much thicker. it's served on a sizzling plate not the traditional cook it on your own, with a platter of fresh curly lettuce and some soybean paste. we loved this dish. the pork was cooked with a bit of butter to make it more tasty and the whole wrapping thing was just fun to do.

kalbi jiim (beef stew) the only beef stew i've tried is from the fastfood chain kimchi. comparing the two, chosun was not a disappointment. for its price it ought to taste good. the spices are a bit strong but could be perfectly paired with steamed rice. i enjoyed this dish for one thing - litid (tendon). i love tendons and this dish had loads.

beef tenderloin rice is supposed to be the bestseller but i found nothing spectacular about it. it's just beef with several colored peppers, onions and some zucchini.

it was a pleasurable meal. i'm glad we tried it ought. it's gonna be one of my favorite restos from now on. will try my favorite jap chae next time.

sm moa
sm the block


  1. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Hi Shella,
    The next time you're craving Korean food and in the Manila area, try driving around Malate. It's peppered with small Korean restos which cater to the Korean community.

  2. yeah, i've read about that lots of koreans restos there. thanks for the tip.