Mar 1, 2008

cebu: golden cowrie

i finally had the chance to go somewhere in the philippines aside from my usual luzon destinations. so this is my first post on my cebu-bohol vacation.

we were totally clueless on our day trip in cebu. we did not plan ahead on what we were supposed to do and where we were supposed to eat. i wanted to try this famous bbq place in cebu but i have no idea where that is. we asked the hotel and they gave a couple of restos to try.

still dumbfounded by dinner time, we were all thinking might as well try a korean resto because they are everywhere. then we were advised by the taxi driver to go to salinas drive where a lot of great restos were. so when we got there we were just cruising along the street when i saw golden cowrie and remembered it was on the list we got from the hotel (which i left in the room btw hehe). they serve good ol' filipino food.

minutes after we arrived the place was jampacked with a long waiting line. so i guess this is really a good place to eat at. the best thing other than the quality of food, are the prices, they were so affordable and you cannot beat the unlimited rice scooped out of wooden buckets with a coconut shell ladle. here are "some" of the food items we got.

baked scallops - cheesy and garlicky yummy!

cebu lechon - still as flavorful as it should be. bad thing is the skin wasn't crisp at all :(

sweet chilli chicken - same as recipe's general chicken

budbud with chocolate - all along i thought budbud is made out of a particular grain...but no it's just suman pala.

we ordered other food items, pictures of which are not worth sharing hehe. but they all tasted great. good thing we had a lovely dinner to remember in cebu.

golden cowrie
salinas drive
lahug, cebu


  1. tin-tin1:47 PM

    Oh i miss cebu so much. I miss to eat cebuano food lalo na yung lechon.

    Pagdating sa lechon panalong panalo talaga ang lechon cebu. Flavorful kasi from inside out.

  2. yup it's really good.