Mar 2, 2008

bohol: alona kew resort

i read somewhere about the restos in alona beach. it's on the other side of panglao. we had a pit stop here because our boat had technical difficulties so we opted to eat here. i only remembered one place and unfortunately it only opens at night. so we opted for the alona kew resort resto.

can you guess what this is?

it's supposed to be pasta milanese. but the truth is it's breaded pork chop on top of spaghetti noodles topped with heated del monte sauce. i was craving for italian and this is what i got? damn i was too dismayed at 165PHP i'd savor jolly spaghetti anytime.

here are the other food items we got. there was nothing to rave about except for jol's steamed snapper.

these were the only things we were happy about.fresh fruit shakes.

alona kew resort
alona beach, panglao,bohol

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