Mar 24, 2008

the recipes of 10 filipinas

well not sure if the menu in cafe ten titas did come from 10 different women or it was just inspired by them. finally was able to try the place. just got two items and a bonus cake which you learn will how i got.

we got pancit luglug with a twist, they used fetuccini instead of the traditional rice noodles for pancit luglug. it was delish but it lacks ingredients the only stuff i could remember were egg and chicharon. the sauce tastes great except for its oily nature - too much anato oil. this is a hit, i just wish they'd put more toppings.

luglug fetuccini

bangus ala kiev

bangus ala kiev. got me interested when i saw it on lori's blog. this is definitely a miss. first, the sauce was watery. i'd expect the bechamel to be a bit thick to complement the crispy bangus roll. also, i deem the bacon is unnecessary. it reminded me of a friends recipe of tuna-bacon carbonara. what the? i also think they should have used quickmelt cheese, imagine a freshly fried bangus roll that has been cut with creamy melted cheese oozing out. wouldn't that be perfect? the dish just lacked the zing of some sort - probably needed an herb like parsley in it. btw, i just realized that this dish was more like chicken cordon bleu so i did a quick check and true enough it should have been called cordon bleu instead of ala kiev because chicken ala kiev is just chicken steak. anyway, aside from these, i discovered one of our bangus pieces was not fully cooked it still has the transparent part. i didn't have it returned to the kitchen because it's gonna take ages again. so we got a free dessert instead.

cafe ten titas
gateway mall
araneta center


  1. u8mypinkcookies9:08 PM

    the luglog fettuccine looks good, something new and interesting :)

  2. it's really good

  3. I got the bangus ala kiev too and didn't enjoy it much o.0

  4. hi criz thanks for visiting. yup it was weird.