Mar 4, 2008

shabu shabu at zhu

finally had the chance to eat at zhu. i was with my parents and knowing that my dad is a fanatic of chinese cuisine, zhu was the perfect place.

we just got a couple of items. we could not miss our staple hakao, thin skin with chunks of shrimps and round carrots at the bottom. it was presented in a rectangular clear vessel which was quite refreshing but reminds me of candle holders hehe.

also got steamed garlic fish because when my mom is around, fish also becomes a staple. perfectly cooked fish on top of some good quality tofu, rightly seasoned sauce and lots and lots of garlic.

and the star of the meal - shabu shabu. i chose the sate soup for the broth. then we got the combination platter good for 2, which i think should be good for 4 people (if you'll order other items).

the thing that got me interested in zhu's shabu shabu are the sauces. they have several sauces for dipping. the waitress helped us in mixing the sauces, she was the one who combined everything for us.

my verdict? the broth is nothing special, so i keep on thinking why they charge too much for it, 120PHP to be exact. the platter items where substantive. i think they are worth it. as for the sauces, nothing really stood out. they were all mixed together, the soy sauce, peanut sauce, sate sauce and other what have yous but it didn't exactly made the meal. with that, i don't think it's worth the trouble of going to the fort just to get your shabu shabu fix. but i find the dining experience pleasurable because of the food quality and the ambiance is nothing like your typical chinese resto plus the servers are very attentive. so when craving for chinese and you are in the fort area, zhu should be on top of your list.

32nd street
fort bonifacio


  1. Try the shabu shabu in gloria maris shangri-la mall branch. It's really gooooooodddddddd heheheheh.
    Has to be the shangri-la branch ok!!! =)

  2. yes i will try the shabu shabu in gloria maris. heard a lot about it too. and will try to go at shang for that ;)