Mar 2, 2008

bohol: dumaluan resto

we got to the resort early evening so we had no choice but dine at their resto. here are the stuff we got for dinner.

calamares - so so. would have been more tender and fresh. the batter wasn't impressive either

bistek tagalog - didn't try this one they said it was too chewy

another chili chicken dish - i like the spiciness but i've thought of other ways on how this could have been improved

steamed black lapu-lapu - this was a great dish. the fish was fresh and cooked right. the sauce was well seasoned.

bam-i - i also liked this dish. it was well seasoned. the ingredients were cooked right, the veggies were crisp and the meat and seafood were tender.

this wasn't a horrific dinner since i had a couple of favorites. up next is the worst meal we ever had.

dumaluan resort restaurant
bolod beach, panglao, bohol

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