Mar 5, 2008

green tea haven

i love green tea. when i learned about kozui i really wanted to try it. the only thing that hindered me from visiting the place is the lack of parking space. yep, i hate going to places wherein i'll get stressed out by parking.

last sunday, i finally got the chance to go there. it wasn't a busy day and since it's past lunch time i was thinking there were very few people in the place. the parking area was still tight but luckily i found a spot. we tried all the famous food items...meaning those i have read about already hehe.

takoyaki - first decent takoyaki i have tried. i love it.

chicken karaage wrap - i like the crunchiness of the chicken though it seems they cooked it in previously used oil thus the dark color of the chicken. the nori and dressing are refreshing not heavy for the saturated fat laden chicken pieces.

strawberry anmitsu - love the chewy dango balls. hated that the strawberry wasn't fresh, it was strawberry jelly.

i have yet to try to korichio (their frappes) skipped it because of the anmitsu...cutting back on the calories hehe. also, will try other anmitsu flavors.

tomas morato

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  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I got totally addicted to the anmitsu and had it four times in two weeks! Try the melon anmitsu as they use fresh fruit.