Feb 22, 2008

coffee bean breakfast

this was an unplanned breakfast. i honestly wouldn't opt for coffee bean as a breakfast place. anyway, since i've read about their breakfasts in some posts i might as well try them.

i love salmon so i opted for the scambled eggs with salmon. the meal comes with tea or coffee.

i realized that i am really not that keen on smoked salmon. but since their smoked salmon didn't have that uber fishy taste, it was bearable. the eggs were soft, not too dry but could have been more fluffy and moist. the bread is great. i loved the foccacia. it was well seasoned, you can taste the herbs and it was soft and yet well toasted so you had that perfect bite.

still, i'd rather go to ucc for some french toasts =).

coffee bean and tea leaf
tordesillas st. salcedo village
greenbelt 3

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