Feb 11, 2008

new orleans bourbon steak and seafood

read about new orleans a couple of times already. so i placed it on my list of restos to try. i was inspired to try it out when i read sakai's post on it. i wanted to try the beignets so badly and of course judge the famous ribs.

i got the shrimp ettoufee with beignets. if you check out sakai's pic and mine. you will see the difference. i didn't have the mushrooms and the crunchy green garnish on top. why oh why? plus, the dish wasn't really remarkable. it tasted like sauteed onions and bell pepper with cream. the beignets tasted like biscuits from texas chicken. it was ok, i haven't tried beignets before so i wouldn't know the best way it should be prepared.

now we go to the new orleans baby back ribs. wanted to try the cajun but c was not fond of spicy food so we settled for this.

my oh my, the ribs was tough. had a hard time slicing them. i imagine them 'racks like' - meat falling of the bones. where is that??? aren't they supposed to be an expert on ribs and shouldn't their ribs be cooked into perfection? oh well, the lack of vat was sufficient enough for me not to complain. but this unfortunately, was a miss.

new orleans
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  1. Anonymous2:18 AM

    so saod ur new orleans experience was like that.. my ribs were tender....