Feb 11, 2008

S&R finds

haven't been to S&R for a long time. but i finally decided to get a membership card in the hopes that i will be regularly visiting the place. anyway, i do hope i get to maximize it. i only got a couple of stuff. two things i wanna share with you are the white castle burgers. famous on the east coast. i was craving for these when i saw them on tv. but there's nothing spectacular about these.

and some jennie-o turkey burgers. this one is better than the ones i got from healthy options because this ain't salty. actually it doesn't have any taste at all so you better season it up.

i also got some ben and jerry's (g and i ate it there), t.g.i. friday's potato skins (which was superb btw) and my favorite granola bar (nature valley).

i am looking forward to getting some of the turkey franks, butterball turkey (they have the lowest prices when it comes to butterball), isn't it obvious? i am a turkey addict, some frozen berries and bulla!!!

btw, you can still avail of the products they sell even without being a member with an additional 5% charge and you have to pay in cash.

the fort


  1. u8mypinkcookies4:50 PM

    i love going to s&r whenever we'd doour groceries.

    we'd always buy lots of stuff including ben and jerry's ice cream, nature valley granola bars, post honey bunches of oats cereal, & double chocolate chip muffins :D we buy meat/chicken there too..

    btw, they sell tgif frozen mozzarella sticks pala! ;)

  2. nature valley is the reason why i go to s&r i just love the honey and oats bar.

    gonna check out those mozza sticks next time.

  3. u8mypinkcookies9:19 PM

    I love Nature Valley granola bars too. My favorite is the peanut butter flavor! Yummm!! :D (BTW, its available in Shopwise too!)