Jan 29, 2008

evolving palate

i just noticed that my palate has evolved. i'm not talking about food/cuisine per se. but the stuff i enjoy eating. i am listing them down.

1. peanuts - i used to hate peanuts when i was younger then suddenly got addicted to them.

2. california maki/sushi - thanks to b who introduced me to teriyaki boy's california maki. totally changed my japanese eating habits.

3. sashimi - with my bro and j around...you will just envy them on how they savor okuya's bento box which includes sashimi. i still don't order sashimi when i'm in a japanese resto but i eat it when i order the bento box hehe.

4. crabs and shrimps - it started with j's buttered crabs. i have become an expert in buttered and sweet and chili seafoods (prawns and crabs)

5. dark chocolate - my recent change of heart. i bought a box of assorted lindt and i started loving the dark kind. i got several dark choco gifts last christmas and i suddenly enjoyed them.

i've only gotten used to these food items recently, a couple of years ago, except for the peanuts which became my brain food back in college.


  1. Anonymous5:17 PM

    my palate has evolved into trying out salads.. different salad dressings, different cheeses, Learining to appreciate wine...

  2. i guess our palates are really dynamic that we eventually enjoy food that we thought we never would