Jan 19, 2008

greek fix

when i read about cyma a year or two ago. i knew i had to try it. it's a greek resto originally from boracay. i was with my bestfriend when i first tried it and we both loved the food. it is actually one of my favorite restos. i haven't been able to write a post on it because i always forget to take pictures of the food.

i was ready to take pics during my last outing when the food fell short of expectations. it was one of the worst meals i have had. i was hypothesizing back then that the cause is the newly opened branch in greenbelt where their best chefs and ingredients were probably at.

anyway, today was another cyma day. after that traumatic experience, my mom still wanted to come back and get the salad which was the only thing we enjoyed. we went to the trinoma branch this time. the interior looks better, because it's new of course. but i guess the entire surrounding just sets the mood perfectly. this time i took some pics and i was again happy with the meal as expected whenever you dine at cyma.

this is the house salad. a vast improvement from the last serving we had at the shangri-la branch. this time it was well presented with some towering arugula and huge chunks of blue cheese.

the pastisado is a bestseller and my favorite dish. it's osso buco pasta...or should i say it's bulalo pasta. i was craving for bulalo so this was perfect. it needed some more salt though but still the best with its tender shanks.

the chicken gyro is my latest discovery. it's good because the chicken is flavored with some curry spices but it's not that strong. the pita was thin and a bit crisp perfect with the saucy chicken. i just wish they'll use other veggies and not just tomatoes and onions and more chicken!!! :).

this was a very pleasurable meal. i'm happy that my mom enjoyed cyma this time.

shangri-la mall
greenbelt 2

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