Jan 20, 2008

instant noodles: korean

there's a nearby korean grocery at our place and i remember one time when g and i hoarded a lot of korean stuff and not just noodles.

i wasn't really impressed with the noodles, nothing special about them so i never returned and they were quite pricey too. with my mom's recent korean obsession, she found out that the korean noodles are healthier. she discovered several korean noodles from landmark when it opened in trinoma. when i got back we bought all the variants and i'm choosing 2 of my faves.

the green tea noodle is not that extraordinary except for its icky green color. the only thing i like about it is its spiciness. perfect for vegetarians because i think there's no meat flavoring. it also has some seaweeds like the ones found in miso soup so there's a bit of the fishy taste in there.

it might not look very appetizing but they're good in its healthy way. also, i like my noodles soggy so this one is definitely overcooked. i like this one because i think i'm eating healthy stuff even though it's instant noodles.

this is my second favorite. not sure on what's the flavoring of this noodle. but i love flat noodles so this one is perfect and look it's not fried.

this one is spicy as well. the way i like. i think that everybody will like this even those who are used to regular stuff - an extraordinary palate is not needed for this one.

so here are my two favorite korean noodles from landmark. i keep mentioning landmark because as far as i know they sell the most number of korean noodle variants in the metro. so go out there and scour the shelves of your favorite supermarket to find the korean noodle that will best suit you.

up next: chinese instant noodles

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