Jan 19, 2008

instant noodles: intro

this is a long overdue series. been meaning to write about instant noodles for the longest time. after all, i am a sucker for the msg, carbo enriched no nutrients whatsoever instant noodles. dunno what's with them but they have been a staple in my diet ever since i could remember.

here's a list of locally made noodles that i have been fond of.

  • best foods chicken instant noodles - the packaging was dark blue with a simple bestfoods logo. wonder why they stopped making them.
  • maggi instant noodles - when i was younger this was the hottest instant mami. you can see tita maggie on tv during commercial breaks
  • lucky me beef - with the downfall of maggi came lucky me who was able to come up with a much flavorful instant mami
  • lucky me pansit canton - do you still remember when this was such a hit? i remember me and my cousins cooking loads of this for merienda. this was considered a full meal already.
  • lucky me la paz batchoy - love the garlicky taste
  • nissin yakisoba chicken flavor - i like the chicken variant because it's spicy. this was my breakfast and dinner carbo.
  • nissin cup noodles seafood flavor - i enjoy both the local and imported ones. the imported ones are too pricey though.
  • lucky me jiamppong - i like this one...spicy spicy!
these are the local noodles that i used to love and continue to enjoy. though i must admit that in recent years i tend to buy the imported ones because my mom says they are healthier. but nothing beats nissin yakisoba which i brought loads of to the uk. i don't like the "more authentic" japanese ones that are available in leading supermarkets. anyway, i can't wait to start with this. but i just realized i have to do some grocery shopping because i didn't take pictures of the other items i'm supposed to write about.

up next: korean noodles


  1. u8mypinkcookies4:27 PM

    i love lucky me chicken mami, lucky me pancit canton, nissin yakisoba (spicy gambas), lucky me jjampong! :D

  2. havent tried jjampong yet. but i lurrvvv lucky me pansit canton! any variant is just great. and also maggi beef mami, lasang-lasa ang beef! also, lucky me chicken sotanghon! mmmm.... naku, if it weren't for my (half-assed) efforts to self-regulate in the name of dieting, i think i might just die from MSG abuse. =P

  3. thanks for visiting fafarrahzzi.

    ako ren MSG overload. that's why i try to eat korean noodles instead. since they are supposed to be much healthy =).