Jan 12, 2008

yummy piece of cake

yummy piece of cake are gourmet cupcakes made by yumi castrillo who is a lawyer by profession. when i was on my cupcake addiction mode, her cupcakes weren't available for orders and then the craving just went pffft.

just this week i heard that my colleagues were getting some cupcakes.so this is it, my chance to finally try her cupcakes. wanted to try a lot of flavors but was able to restrict myself to 5.

(top from left): black russian, sleepless in manila, marie antoinette
(bottom from left): princess di, scarlett o' hara

what's my verdict? love it!!! this is the best and i'm judging both on flavor, texture and price. i've tried several gourmet cupcakes already and i believe this is the best in terms of value for your depreciating peso.

the cupcakes are moist and dense. i like the mini surprises in them like the pear in princess di and the strawberries in marie antoinette. the frosting is just the right amount which makes it not too sweet and creates a perfect balance with the cupcakes.

as far as the flavors are concerned, i fell in love with the princess di and so did my mom. the scarlett o'hara comes in second because i am such a red velvet & cream cheese fan. a far third is marie antoinette just because i love the strawberries in it.

i am looking forward to my next batch of orders probably will get the swiss miss, jessica rabbit, barbie and lemonburst.

yummy piece of cake

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