Oct 23, 2013

best ramen ever!

ok, i'm not really a fan of ramen. i loved instant ramen though (haven't eaten instant noodles for 9 months now, i'm trying to be healthy). before, i already mentioned that i'm very particular with ramen. i have this certain construct on what a good ramen noodle should be.

so the much raved about ippudo ramen has come to the malaysian shores. somehow i was drawn to this particular brand. santouka has been here for a while and it never piqued my interest, but ippudo did.

akamaru shinaji, their famous tonkotsu broth with miso paste and garlic oil, was so fragrant. there are several versions of this ramen based on toppings. this was the everything on it, me thinks. it has egg, chashu and seaweed which i'm currently addicted to. the pork slices are so tender, the broth is so rich and i like the spiciness and the garlicky goodness the oil imparts. you can still add freshly ground sesame and fresh garlic if the flavors are still not enough.

the first time i tried it, i had medium firmness and it was alright and then the succeeding one the medium firm noodles were a bit soggy. so either we had the very firm noodles before or they screwed up our order the second time around. i love their noodles, not the traditional ramen type noodle, theirs is similar to a hongkong noodle - round, thin but whiter and very springy. 

after perusing the menu online, i suddenly remembered oh tokyo! it's a show on sky cable which features places in tokyo. there was this episode wherein they showed the ramen museum. and it's more like a food gallery of all the ramen in japan. the host, ellen (if i remember correctly) ate aka ramen which is similar to this ramen aka means red - it was served in a red bowl and she said among the ramen she has tasted this was closest to the pinoy mami because of the garlic oil. i now wonder whether this is the same ramen she had then, but i digress.

they serve other food items too. opted for the avocado and shrimp with wasabi mayo. it's a welcome break from the ramen which could be cloying.

curry cheese haru maki is a unique dish. it's good and if you like japanese curry and/or cheese you'll love this dish. however, fried + cheese does not fare well with an ultra rich ramen broth.

ippudo's ramen is something that i crave for or dream about, it's seriously that good. it has ruined ramen for me, it's like i can only eat ippudo ramen and nothing else. but ikkoryu fukouka ramen seems to have a similar type of noodle as ippudo so there's a chance it can match my ippudo fanaticism.

pavilion mall, kl

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