Oct 24, 2013

urbn bar and kitchen

i've read so many reviews on urbn, well most of them were sponsored posts but the food seems legit and it has become one of my friends' favorite spots so during my last visit it was a must.

well i wasn't really blown out of my mind with the dishes we tried, they were ok but not extraordinarily good.

manchego cheese souffle - it was light and the crispy prosciutto made it more interesting and provided a contrast of textures.

rack of lamb - wanted to try the dry aged steak but they didn't have it tsk tsk. we ordered medium but this one seems to be too rare for us. we had it sent back to the kitchen for further cooking.

mac and choreese - nothing special just mac and cheese, i didn't even taste any distinct flavors from the chorizo.

kurobota pork belly - seriously? this was just like fried pork belly. there's something wrong with the slaw it was just not right and they are better off using regular pork because the way this dish was cooked didn't highlight the quality of the pork.

white chocolate lava cake

my friends love their chocolate lava cake but they didn't know there's white chocolate lava cake so when we found out we opted to order this. this one is more like yema flavored cake and not white chocolate it was still good though. 

overall, they served decent food but nothing to rave about. there was a miss on my singapore sling by the way. they served me a drink that tasted like cough syrup so we eventually complained and they replaced it with something that is what a singapore sling should look like (well it was my first singapore sling so i was apprehensive on complaining but from my recollection a singapore sling shouldn't really look like a mcfizz).

urban bar and kitchen
fort pointe building, bgc

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