Oct 2, 2013

pj: multi-colored xiao long bao

this is a super late post! this was during the chinese new year. i love xiao long bao and what could be more exciting than 8 flavors of xiao long bao.

paradise dynasty is the only place i know that offers several flavors of xiao long bao, they even give you a guide on which flavor to start with so that you'll be able to savor all of them, otherwise eating a more strong flavored xiao long bao will ruin the others for you.

here they are up close. i was not impressed, the skin is thick but not pillowy (the only reason why i could appreciate thick skinned xiao long bao).  din tai fung's crab and truffle flavored xia long bao are still the best. the garlic flavor was so strong it was bordering dismal. best eaten piping hot otherwise they'll taste bleh.

here's my favorite CNY dish, yee sang. this has salmon, shredded veggies like cucumber and carrots, pomelo, crispy crackers among many other things and a sweet tangy sauce which i deem is plum based. it's a prosperous dish for the cny which you need to toss as high as you can.

paradise dynasty
paradigm mall
kelana jaya, petaling jaya

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