Oct 8, 2013

trader joe's is love

it was in 2007 when i first learned about trader joe's. i was in san francisco and my friend p told me i would love the place. unfortunately, time did not permit me to visit any store.

years later i finally got the chance to check it out. my first visit was in nyc, i was heading for some retail therapy and passed by the 6th ave location. popped in and bought some luna and larabars and then i saw kale chips and knew i had to get them.

(luna and larabars are health bars supposedly made without flour and mostly with fruits and nuts. i find the larabars much better less sweet and more healthy compared to the cloyingly sweet luna bar)

kale is a bitter green and this one is nacho flavored which is apt for the slightly bitter leaf. i wasn't an ultimate fan because it wasn't as crispy as i want it to be and the nacho flavoring were thick coating of seasonings that are not evenly distributed. i brought it back to malaysia even after being opened for God knows how long (it's resealable) they didn't survive the travel and became bits instead of chips, i topped them on soups and it was delish :D.

here are some of the stuff i got. the lentil chips and peach salsa were locally procured thanks to tastecentral. the mini cheese crackers were a bit salty for me but i think it's just right for others. the rest are all good especially the peach salsa. and no, i haven't tried the famous cookie butter, it's so difficult to get one and i am already happy with biscoff which everyone says is much better =).

i love healthy stuff, i am a fan of healthy options, i scream at the sight of turkey patties and frozen organic berries. having a trader joe's nearby is a dream. i'd probably eat much healthier with the wide array of food items to choose from. 

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