Feb 27, 2011


being a tea lover, i have always been interested with serenitea which i've read a lot of reviews of. so during my last vacay, i made sure i tried it.

i was so intrigued that you can choose the sugar percentage and the sinkers. i got myself a 75% sugar drink which is not sweet enough for me and my favorite pearls.

i got myself the hokkaido, which is supposed to have this caramel flavor....not! i can taste the flavoring...i dunno how to describe it but in my mind it's like gata. it's this certain flavor i taste whenever i try food/drinks that have artificial flavoring. this is how my tea tasted like it didn't taste like milk tea with real caramel, i was so disappointed.

aside from the teas, they also have snacks. basically all peppered items which i deem is very taiwanese. taiwanese snacks/dishes are usually fried and then dusted with a powder flavoring. we got the corn, tofu and chicken. the chicken was really tender. all of them i enjoyed but would have hoped that they are evenly seasoned. because the items were just dusted, some parts are too salty while some parts are bland.

my verdict? well i will not go out of my way just to get a drink from this place...maybe if i get an insatiable craving for any of the peppered stuff i'll go there but really i don't understand what the hype is all about.

n. roxas cor banawe
(coming from quezon ave, it's on the right)
quezon city.

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