Feb 4, 2011

lunch at restaurant 101

since c works at enderun, we decided to have lunch there. it's a proper restaurant because the students "work" there as well. i guess to prep them for the real resto world.

table napkins are embroidered.

i like the flowers...are these paper roses or carnations?

they have a lunch prix fixe which is 3-4 course meal that costs around 500-600PHP, i forgot already. but i didn't fancy the entree for the day so i opted for the ala carte.

we got freebie bread. freshly baked i reckon, it was really warm and toasty. but it's not readily served though, if you want second helpings you'd have to ask the wait staff for it. but they have a variety of breads too, they don't serve the same thing over and over again.

i was still in my watercress high since i've tried those yummy watercress fritters in cameron highlands so i ordered watercress soup. light, very flavorful i liked it. (200++ PHP)

for my main, i ordered duck breast with plum jus? (800++ PHP) i forgot what the sauce was. well cooked, tender duck meat without any gamey taste. the duck came with a potato gratin which i wasn't really a fan of, the cheese yielded too much oil. i imagined a simple gratin of thin potatoes with minimal cream/eggs/cheese just to bind everything together.

c, on the other hand ordered porkchop (600++PHP) i was like staring at her because i wouldn't order pork chops and pay that much. the australian pork chop was a double porkchop, though you can just see one bone it was as thick as a double pork chop. and can i just say this, it was soooooo good! the pork was done well, only a tinge of pink color and yet it was so tender. the mashed potato was smooth and creamy and yet it doesn't have the rich flavor from butter or cream which was perfect so you'll not get umay and the apricot sauce was nice.

i'd have to say that the food was great. i'm not sure if it's considered fine dining, but it's a good restaurant in terms of price, you'd get value for your money. except for the miss in the breads, i like the food and service. i'd probably come back to visit c when i'm in manila and try out the other dishes.

restaurant 101
enderun college
mckinley hill, fort bonifaciao

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