Feb 19, 2011


i have read so many great reviews about mamou's steak. one day i saw a post and can't help myself but salivate over the enticing piece of red meat glistening with fat and olive oil.

i knew that it is a must for me as soon as i get home. finally got a chance to go with t who volunteered over fb that she will go with me. so here's our glorious lunch.

freebie bread - i only tried the brown one. it was soft, dense and has that molasses flavor which made it a perfect starter for this meal.

steak!!! i believe this was ribeye, oh i totally forgot what we ordered i was such on a high that time. you can see the juices of the freshly cut steak and the salt and pepper on top. plain and simple but really good.

for the sides, we chose creamed spinach nothing spectacular felt like eating laing but has a different flavor hehe. steak rice, has small cubes of steak and most probably cooked in the pan of steak with all the drippings.

well i've read good reviews of the truffle pasta, very simple and yet flavorful.

it was a wonderful lunch. i wouldn't mind going back and eating the same stuff again, well maybe different sides next time. on top of this we had mimosas for drinks...definitely a guilty pleasure. the entire meal set us back 3000PHP but i guess that's because of the mimosas which shot the bill up but i have no regrets with this meal.

bgc, taguig

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