Feb 14, 2011

a taste of little asia

my friend is obsessed with this place, he's a regular - i reckon a very important patron of this establishment hehe. i forgot the specific names of these dishes i also don't have the prices but all affordable within the 200-300PHP price range. and i'm making this short and simple...everything tasted great...a lovely dinner indeed.

lengua con champignon - nah that's not the name but it's lengua with mushroom sauce so technically the name i wrote is correct. tender lengua...one of my favorite pinoy dishes

hot prawn salad - one of little asia's signature dishes...yummy huge prawns

spicy squid in coconut milk - my friends loved this, totally obsessed with it...for me it's ok. good but not something i'll crave for.

fried rice - forgot what type but it's good!

crispy chicken??? half of the original serving since we already took a dive on this traditional chinese fried chicken

cheesy fish fillet??? yummy too...we also got free chamae??? basically stir fried noodles it was also good but i forgot to take a picture. thanks to jolman for this lovely dinner =).

little asia
the piazza
mckinley hill

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