Feb 8, 2011

trying out cafe juanita

the longer i've been living away from manila, the more i lean towards filipino food fare when i'm home. so when h and i decided to meet up for lunch, we just had to try cafe juanita. opted for the pasig branch because it's the "original" but it's not the original spot anymore since they relocated a couple of meters away.

knowing h, i knew that we'll be getting this.

just straight forward chicharon bulaklak on a bed of crispy vermicelli.

was craving for sisig and because we love tofu we ordered this. two types of sisig on a block of tofu...uhhhm forgettable!

two-way pork adobo? something like that. supposed to be a bestseller i've read a couple of reviews of this dish. but it didn't impress me as well. i don't know what's the crispy thingy on top is made out of...you have any thoughts? i really want a garlicky and well browned adobo.

in an attempt to be healthy we ordered this, crispy catfish with ampalaya. it was good except for the saltiness, it was salty for both of us i dunno if it's just because we've been used to MY/SG seasonings that tend to lean towards the bland side but this one was salty. other than that, it was good. the catfish may look like the adobo garnish...not sure though if they're the same but the adobo garnish has black specks of some sort.

thankfully, dessert was a saving grace to this meal.

gooey and warm cassava cake topped with grated cheese...it was love!!!

of course nothing beats my favorite pinoy dessert, leche flan is love. this was smooth and simply perfect. loved it.

if not for the desserts, it would have been a disappointing meal. i don't know if we just ordered the wrong dishes but at 1800PHP for all of the above plus 2 rice and 2 drinks i wasn't completely sold.

cafe juanita
19 west capitol drive
bo. capitolyo, pasig

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