Mar 19, 2011

estrel's caramel cake

estrel's is supposed to be the pioneer for caramel cakes. a month before the holidays i asked my mom to make arrangements to get a cake for us on christmas day. talk about my obsessesion with food.

so the day came, we got the cake on the 24th. i picked up the cake with my tita. she was the one who got off the car. she said the bakeshop smelled so nice and they showed her the cake before closing the box. but then i was surprised that someone carried the cake for her. talk about paranoia! they didn't want the cake to be messed up. then we tried putting it at the back seat but the guy said it's not enough. so the option? my tita had it on her lap. the efforts just not to ruin a cake.

it looks so pretty and very apt for the holiday season. everyone loved it, i was amused that my younger cousins wanted the flower icing hehe. so how does this fair against costa brava? taste wise i think it's just the same. texture wise, i think costa's was more fluffy. it seems that estrel's was more grainy??? but in retrospect, i ate the costa brava cake the same day i bought it. while for estrel's i had it 2 days after. the box of estrel's states that it has to be consumed on the same day. maybe that has an effect on the quality of the cake. so i guess i couldn't really make a direct comparison right now. i have to eat an estrel's on the same day. don't ask me why i didn't eat on the same day...i really wanted to and let's just say my dad gave me a stern look when i said i am slicing it up.

estrel's caramel cakes
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