Mar 7, 2010

seoul bbq in libis

i've read so many great reviews about seoul bbq and years after, i finally got the chance to try it. we first got the usual banchan...several appetizers which i didn't find that appealing...maybe i was really not into korean that day (sorry guys i feel like my recent posts are all sounding like misses). liked the fishcakes and zucchini but the kimchi was icy, yes seems to have been frozen totally eiwww.

koreano for me still serves the best banchan. ordered my korean staple, samgyupsal. grilled pork belly with lettuce. pretty much similar to koreano's version. served in a sizzling plate with onions and garlic, i'd have to say that woori jib's version is still my favorite.

got my japchae. this one is far better than woori jib's simply because it was piping hot. but both almost tastes the same and have the same amount of serving.

as far as i can remember, i read somewhere that they serve good beef stew so i ordered it. maybe it's just a matter of preference but i liked the thicker stew of chosun even if kalbi jiim is supposed to have a light sauce. also, i found it not flavorful enough and i also like more tendons =).

prices are affordable, same price range as other restos around 200-400PHP (sorry i lost the receipt again). i would prefer dining at a less commercialized resto like woori jib or koreano. somehow i find their flavors more appealing to my palate but if you're craving for korean food and find yourself in the libis area then seoul bbq is a potent choice.

seoul bbq
e. rodriguez, libis

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