Mar 10, 2010

golden spoon froyo

i am of course gonna try out as much froyo as i can in manila to see which is the best...though tutti frutti is in the list i haven't been there because there are kl branches so maybe i could try the ones here. anyway, golden spoon is the latest froyo in town. it's another korean chain as far as i know, just correct me if i'm wrong.

the unique thing about golden spoon is that their froyo comes in several flavors not just the plain one. you can get a sample to taste the different flavors. i read about cake batter so i wanted to try it first. ummm, nothing spectacular it's just like vanilla flavored "froyo". so i opted to get the original flavor and then had some butter pecan toppings

umm nothing spectacular really, cost me PHP 150 something i think for the small size. the yogurt is not smooth at all and doesn't have the creamy yogurt taste. i'd have to say that it's kinda overrated. i'd have white hat or red mango anytime.

golden spoon
shangri-la mall

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