Mar 18, 2010

momo cafe @ eastwood mall

i was rerouted to eastwood because of some schedule changes and going back to makati for mr jones is just impractical and possibly toxic so i decided to eat at momo cafe which is owned by the same group. i guess mr. jones have to wait for a wee bit longer.

freebie toasts with cheese pimiento...i love this.

seafood pasta with pesto and tomato sauce...i forgot the exact name. this was ok. i was not craving for this so i couldn't rave much about it.

baby back ribs? i forgot again sorry guys but this is one of their bestsellers. smoky tender ribs served with grilled corn, rice and onion rings...really liked this dish. and it's a good value for money around 350PHP i think.

overall it was a good meal. like this more now, than the relatively upscale chelsea, maybe because of the good food at reasonable prices...fine i'd have to consider the location too. but the new eastwood mall gives a great a ambiance too.

momo cafe
eastwood mall, libis


  1. momroche@yahoo.com7:51 PM

    momo cafe's crew(eastwood)...sorry but i think u need to undego training again..on how to deal with customers. If u want to get their plates(unused,excess while the customers are still dining)or take the plates if they are through with their food,madali nmang magsabi.This afternoon(easter sunday),me and my 2 daughters (while waiting for my husband and son),we sat down at momo cafe just to kill time, while waiting,i ordered a bowl of soup and iced tea for my daughters(we just dined at uncle cheffy,pero para di nmn nkakahiya sa kanila kc nakaupo kami sa cafe nila outside nag order pa rin ako)one crew just came and w/o saying anything, he took all the plates and utensils(hindi man lang nag eexcuse), the worst was when another crew came and suddenly took the bowl of soup na may laman pa at niligpit na lahat!My God!!di man lang nagpasabi na aalisin na nila lahat,kumakain pa kami!!!to may dismay,i instructed my 2 daughters to stand up and just leave the cafe.we love to eat and discover new and excitingfood.I understand that it is a practice to many restos to clean up the tables once the customers are through with their food BUT they give courtesy to the customers by asking permissions,sana man lang magsabi sila kung aalisin nila ang mga plates ,sana man lang nagtatanung muna sila kung tpos na kumain ang customer bago nila kukunin.Sayang,maganda pa naman ang resto nila but if the service is BAD..hindi sila

  2. yikes, that's too bad. for me, service makes and breaks a resto. i couldn't count the number of places i stopped visiting because of this. but for franchises or resto chains i only stop visiting the branch where i got bad service. hopefully you get better experiences in their other restos =).