Dec 4, 2007

shangri-la @ birmingham

this is not the famous hotel chain but a small chinese resto alongside our apartment. there are actually four chinese restos near our apartment. we have been dying to eat at shangri-la which seems to be jampacked all the time.

we were starving and willing to shell out mucho dinero. nothing can top our £13 meal at another nearby resto which is totally forgettable. so luckily it wasn't that full and we were seated immediately. we just had to splurge. 4 orders of rice and these are huge servings, a huge seabass, grandma's whelk (i wonder what this was but it's a chef's boss said it's probably wok but we still didn't know what it was) and a hotpot which was the loser dish i must say. spent a lot for this meal but we were all happy and satisfied. here are the pics.

egg fried rice. this is worth two servings. then we ordered another two servings of steamed rice hehe.

grandma's whelk...the best dish! apparently this is sea snail...we all thought it was octopus.

the seabass. my favorite fish whenever dining out. did not fall short of expectations.

the hotpot. was expecting the same dish i had in oakland but this was just not that memorable.

the shangri-la restaurant
station street, city centre, birmingham

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