Dec 24, 2007

a pricey lunch

i already came to the office last monday, right after i got back to manila. i just found out that some of the guys just got their cars. i was teasing the boys who got new cars and persuaded them to have a test drive. and the best way to do that is have some lunch at the fort. good thing that r agreed, unfortunately j's car is coding kaya car na lang ni g.

so we were basically clueless on where to eat. the cheapest place is conti's and it was full. so i suggested portico. the breakfast menu as featured by anton was not that pricey and my friend d keeps on raving about it. but no!!! the regular menu items are pricey. more expensive than chelsea which was still closed that time that's why we didn't go there.

i got some garlic scallop pasta which is just normal. the strong lemon flavor is evident to remove the fishy smell/flavor but other than the cheesy plate it's nothing extra ordinary.

i took a picture of the centennial chicken? which is basically chicken marinated in patis with roasted eggplants.

too bad that this lunch out did turn out as great as it can be. how i wished i insisted on zao na lang.

global city, taguig

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