Dec 4, 2007

afternoon at garfunkel's

we were tired walking around london with all the sightseeing and shopping and then the rain started pouring. we were near piccadilly circus and i was hoping to find a decent coffee shop. starbucks was the closest but the place was full. went around the circus until we saw garfunkel's. we were greeted by a pinay waitress who was very cordial.

it was a comfy place with a great ambiance. well lit and has a lot of comfortable booths to sit on. perfect place to take a break and rest our overly used feet and legs. we had some sweet stuff and coffee to boost are low sugar levels back up.

my toffee waffle. i love toffee! the waffle was not hot and doesn't seem to be freshly made but it was still good.

apple pie...not much of a traditional apple pie girl but this was c's so might as well take a pic.

g's strawberry cheesecake

piccadilly circus

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