Dec 29, 2007


been wanting to try out banapple eversince i read it on lori's blog. and today is the day i finally got the chance. it was past 1 when g and i decided to eat there. i could see through her that she wants a decent meal so i agreed. here are the stuff we got.

cream of dory fillets with honey mustard sauce and garlic rice. it's ok nothing to rave about. there's just too much sauce on top that it becomes overpowering.

pasta jacintha, is one of their bestsellers. i have to give this a two thumbs up. it was so flavorful. i could not figure out how they made the carbonara sauce. sauce was infused with a lot of flavors that it seems like it has been simmering with beef/beef bones for god knows how long. served with a soft herb pandesal which was also delish. i highly recommend it.

and of course the banoffee pie. it was very substantive compared to the small serving in red ribbon. but i'm such a banoffee addict that i could care less where it comes from. yummy too!

we got some cakes to go which we brought to v's house. tried the very berry custard cake which is also something to crave for especially for berry addicts like me. i'm looking forward to trying out their other cakes and getting some more pasta jacintha. this is enough reason for me to pass by katipunan on my way to work.

katipunan avenue (across kopi roti)


  1. u8mypinkcookies9:10 PM

    I wanna try their Banoffee pie but it's kinda far. I hope they'd open somewhere in the South :D

  2. when you get a chance to be in the qc area you must try it out.