Dec 24, 2007

first foodie trip post birmingham

i was immediately out of the house after eating lunch and taking a bath when i arrived last saturday. some friends and i watched avenue q. after which, had to drop by the canon service center to pick up g's DSLR. saw thai pad read it in anton's blog and it's supposed to be from the same owners of sukothai. did i remember right?

anyway, it was more of a hole in a wall kind of place. was pleased with the prices when i saw the menu. and here's what we got.

phad thai. my thai meal staple. yummy! cheaper than muang thai's but of course with less ingredients.

fried spring rolls. one of my faves. flavorful. no complaints on this one.

we also ordered some cheap thai iced tea which was a good value for our money and some peppered/garlicky tofu which was delish.

btw, these are just mobile phone pics. for some weird reason g's 400D did not take great pics as expected. probably need some tweaking post the repair. i like this place. comes close to muang thai and cheaper too.

thai pad
marvin plaza
pasong tamo, makati


  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    will try this place soon,
    by the way Soms is t moroato is on the 2nd floor of Zensho, near Mc donalds