Dec 18, 2007

my last birmingham food expose

the traumatic happy gathering experience (talk about irony) did not hinder us from eating out especially trying out chinese buffets. my aunt mentioned big wok which is supposed to be cheap and great. looked it up and apparently it's just two blocks away from our apartment.

when g visited us from london, i suggested the place. the dinner buffet costs 10 pounds while the lunch buffet is just 6 pounds. the difference would be the teppanyaki, sushi and satay bars. great value for money. i'm not sure if the happy gathering experience made me think that big wok is definitely several notches higher or it simply was.

again, i was too excited to eat that i forgot to take pictures. my favorites are the battered chicken balls, sauteed cabbage, fish balls soup, stir fried mushrooms and hainanese chicken. i also liked the peking duck and chilli prawns featured in the pictures below.

btw, i went there twice. second time was with my aunt, uncle and cousins.

big wok
wrottesley street
city centre, birmingham

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